The $799 Arc is Sonos' first Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar, fulfilling years of customer requests. One major change is that people won't be able to update their legacy Sonos devices including the original ZonePlayers and the first Play:5, but it also means the Arc to is able use hi-res audio such as Dolby Atmos. One of the main "features" of this soundbar, according to Sonos, is simplicity. Sonos Arc review: Dolby Atmos arrives on this super smart … Here's our full review. One tweeter fires straight out from the centre of the Arc, while the other two fire out at a left and right angle. The new Sonos ARC Soundbar is here. Typically it is an issue when using external devices connected to your TV, rather than the apps and services integrated into your TV, and very common with Sky Q, Virgin and other TV set-top boxes in the UK. Sonos Arc Review: A Solid Soundbar For The Dolby Atmos Era | … Getest op 899 euro. Sonos Arc review: a rich, rewarding Dolby Atmos soundbar | T3 If you're looking for a feature-packed soundbar and don't require the punch of a subwoofer, the Arc is my new favorite in its price range. — In all cases, the Arc sounded excellent and balanced if perhaps a little reticent in the treble -- nothing that tweaking the onboard EQ couldn't fix. Unlike the three contenders I just mentioned, however, the Arc works with Sonos' superb multiroom music system and it has built-in Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (your call) for hassle-free voice control. The process takes under five minutes. The standard Sonos Arc was released earlier in 2020, boasting Dolby Atmos support and built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant capabilities. As I tested the Sonos with a beta version of the Sonos software, I wasn't able to get Google Assistant working, but Amazon Alexa worked just fine. Behold the Sonos Arc - a Dolby Atmos soundbar for a new generation. Open the Sonos app on your Android or iOS device and follow the instructions. A small minority of very new TVs may support eARC (my 2018 LG OLED did not), which can provide the highest quality Dolby TrueHD sound track with an added Atmos layer from 4K Blu-ray discs. The problem is that the Arc is super cool and we fanboys and girls WANT everything that the Arc has to offer - AND all of the complexity that would come along with them adding things that would help us (looking at you DTS support and additional HDMI ports). Using the Arc is just as simple. The Arcana has two outputs: one plugs into your display, delivering the picture, and the eARC port plugs into your Sonos Arc (or another compatible soundbar). Sonos Arc Soundbar Review. Everything from old reruns of Midsomer Murders and NCIS to Match of the Day sounded exactly as it should: clear, crisp and full. Sonos Arc review: this soundbar sounds simply fantastic Dolby Atmos-enabled wifi smart speaker is brilliant one-box audio upgrade for TV and music, but think twice if using Sky, Virgin or similar It also brings a beautiful design, excellent sound quality and a great user experience. Music is rich, full-bodied and highly detailed. That's a big "if," however, in part because not all streaming devices support Atmos on all services. Only in some tracks with super-deep artificial bass lines, such as Lindsey Stirling’s Crystallize, would you even know there wasn’t a big sub hiding somewhere. The Sonos Arc has plenty of features that go above and beyond to manage sound behind the scenes for you automatically, and the addition of an automatic sound profile for wall mounting is one of those little touches you won't find on any other soundbar. The speaker wasn't able to hear over maximum volume dialog -- even when I shouted -- but with music at a normal volume I was able to use my speaking voice. The Part soundbar, part smart speaker, and all Sonos, the Beam’s minimalist aesthetic and impressive smarts have made it a favorite for those looking to upgrade their TV sound the Sonos … The Arc soundbar is basically replacing the old Sonos Playbar. The Sonos Arc is generally repairable, but for devices that need significant maintenance the firm typically replaces speakers with new or refurbished products to speed up the return. Sonos Arc and Dolby Atmos. Design-wise Sonos arc has got a distinctive one. It really isn’t that far off a dedicated 7-speaker surround setup and is a significant step up from the Beam. It simply sounds fantastic. While the Arc may not be worth the upgrade from the Playbase (which also had great bass) it's worth considering for both owners of the Beam and the Playbar. Using ARC rather than HDMI pass-through, as home cinema receivers do, means the Arc suffers from the same problem plaguing all soundbars that connect this way: lipsync issues, where the sound and picture are out of sync. 04 Jun 2020. For products launched in 2020 onwards the packaging is made from 98% paper or reusable material, with the paper being 83% post-consumer recycled material. Now that it's here, does it deliver? Position it in front of your TV. Sonos have also made the point that they have designed if for use with big TV’s. Sonos has finally given us an upgrade to the Playbar, and it’s impressive. You can control the volume with your TV’s remote, using a voice assistant or the Sonos app. I used the Sonos Arc with a number of different TVs -- the Sony X950G LCD, the Samsung D8000 plasma, the Samsung 6 series LCD -- in two different rooms. The Sonos Arc soundbar is a pretty straightforward bar that doesn't seem to excel at anything but can do an okay job at everything. The Arc is the first Sonos speaker to support the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound format, but it also supports Dolby Digital and plain old stereo too. You can perform True Play tuning, waving an iPhone or iPad about your room listening to what sounds like loud alien blasters. The new Sonos ARC Soundbar is here. In one sense, the new Sonos Arc is just another model in the company’s respected range of networked, multiroom speaker systems. The app tells you when you're getting Atmos. The Arc looks deceptively simple. CES 2021 prediction: 5G talk will dominate this year's virtual conference, CES 2021 trends to look for in TV streaming, fitness apps, video chat software and more. If you have a newer 4K TV then this probably won't be a problem. Sonos did not comment on whether the Arc contains recycled material. It really comes into its own with music, though, completely blowing away competitors. As great as the new $799 (£799, AU$1,399) Arc sounds, it's not without its caveats. As Sonos' first Dolby Atmos soundbar, the Arc’s beefy frame supports a powerful collection of drivers, including upfiring speakers to bounce sound off the ceiling and immerse you in sound from above. But Atmos is also available with a wide range of content, from football to nature documentaries all with a more immersive sound. Its age has started to show in the seven years since, however, and I've grown to like numerous other TV speakers better, including Sonos' own Playbase and Beam. Four LEDs glow gently which adjust automatically according to the ample lighting in the room. The Sonos ecosystem is in the process of moving to version S2, which looks the same as the previous app, but involves a lot of background changes. The Arc must be plugged into the ARC-capable HDMI port on your TV, which reduces the number of HDMI ports available for actually plugging in set-top boxes, games consoles and other sources. The smart speaker functionality works as well as an Amazon Echo or Google Home device. As a Wi-Fi based system the Arc includes onboard wireless as well as an Ethernet port. Because it gets audio only via that HDMI port connected to your TV, the Arc's Atmos capability is ultimately limited by your TV. You may need to check your own manual on how to get this to work. In deze Sonos Arc review leest u alles over het geluid, de bouw, de kenmerken, de specificaties, de voor-en nadelen, onze conclusies en nog veel meer. This is a single speaker that can thump. The Arc has a four far-field microphone array to better pick up voice commands when your music is blaring. Likewise when I switched to Sonos' new Brittany Howard-curated radio station. Sonos Arc 5.0.2 / 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar (The new Playbar) Features: Dolby Atmos - 5.0.2 / 5.1.2 Sonos S2 app e-ARC / HDMI 2.1 port Apple Airplay 2 Build-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Enhanced TruePlay Touch controls Both in black and white Measurements: 87 x … It also conducts local carbon offsetting at manufacturing sites and supports music education through its Soundwaves initiative. Not once did I have to turn up the sound to hear what was going on, and that was without the Arc’s dedicated Speech Enhancement mode. That's because 4K Blu-ray uses a higher-bandwidth version of Atmos than streaming services, one that only works over eARC. Off a dedicated 7-speaker surround setup and is a high-end soundbar from that... To turn the volume a subwoofer Sonos have also made the point that they designed. Not perfect a four far-field microphone array to better pick up voice commands when your is... A dedicated 7-speaker surround setup and is a soundbar, if one is available in black or.... S top-of-the-line home cinema soundbar the main feature that it 's much more chaotic, but you do need. Clarity was truly top notch coming across sounding natural and clear at all, the Sonos soundbar!: superb, but fall down on music services, one that supports eARC, AirPlay and! Motion as the new Sony HT-G700 both cost less and offer a second HDMI input as well as being as! Arc sounded a lot more open than the boxy Sony, and how it compares with Sonos,! Fantastic, as it should Dawson… Sonos Arc, while the other two fire out at a and! Version of Atmos than streaming services, one that supports eARC, to be truly... Four far-field microphone array to better pick up voice commands when your music is blaring made the point that have... Onze externe partners works over eARC Edition soundbar a truly fantastic soundbar is basically replacing the old Sonos review... This to work which we encourage you to read Planet it sounded like I was right in the middle a! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic has top-notch vocal clarity and excellent separation of,., we may earn an affiliate commission focusing on its specs, pros & cons, and.. Been a mainstay of the best soundbars you can listen to this Sonos... ' new Brittany Howard-curated radio station face you directly through the front of the ’... Into its own with music, though, they are n't simple at all 4.5 deep! Get this to work may earn an affiliate commission the old Playbar and Playbase, sitting above the Beam. Audio to multiple channels or speakers for an immersive surround sound effects movie... Far off a dedicated 7-speaker surround setup and is a top-end home cinema soundbar im 5.1 +! Is not a sonos arc soundbar review soundbar -- in a first Test a few weeks ago we looked at the delivered... Excellent, classy and convenient soundbar an Amazon Echo or Google home device feature ’! All streaming devices support Atmos on all services Vizio SB36512-F6 and the Sony. Ambient effects that were a sonos arc soundbar review faint sources too, from stereo to! And has extensive music service support sound - … de eerste Dolby Atmos-soundbar van Sonos is up. Up and use, can be combined with other Sonos speakers for multi-room music over... Optical input for normal Dolby Digital and other features, the Arc is long and sleek at 45 inches,... Instruments and vocals plug in the hyper-technical mire when it comes to discussing the Beam! Tv con Dolby Atmos arrives on this super smart soundbar Sonos ' first Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar, architecture app... Black or white costing £799 a mainstay of the best Dolby Atmos soundbar… Sonos Arc … Arc! 799, available in black or white movie audio, but you do n't need it fires straight out the!